History of Nottingham Forest Team

Nottingham Forest Football Club were founded in 1865, and since 1898 have played home matches at their current City Ground. In 1865 when they formed they bought caps to wear which were ‘Garibaldi Red’ (after Giuseppe Garibaldi, Italian leader of the redshirts volunteers) and this has influenced the uniform of the club ever since.

Forest initially were amongst the founder members of the Football Alliance in 1889 and the joined the Football League in 1892. In Forests early years they were charitable and helped other football clubs such as Liverpool. Arsenal, Brighton and Hove Albion to form, even donating football kits to Arsenal and Everton, and helping Brighton to get a stable site. In 1905 Forest on tour in South America, also inspired Independiente to have red as their club colour, because all the fans wearing red looked like ‘red devils’ which became the team’s nickname.

Nottingham Forest won the FA Cup in 1898 and in 1959. One of the most successful times for Nottingham Forest was during 1976 – 1982 managed by Brian Clough and his assistant manager Peter Taylor. Nottingham Forest won the English League during this time as well as European Cups and League Cups, and reached the FA Cup final in 1991. There is a bust of Clough at the City Ground and a stretch of the A52 that links Nottingham and Derby is named ‘Brian Clough Way.’ There’s also a statue of him at the junction of King and Queen Street in the centre of Nottingham. 

The 1997-98 season was a really good one for Nottingham Forest, with Forest starting the season with six consecutive wins. Forest came out of Division One, and returned to the Premier League


In recent times, since Karanka has been manager, and Marinakis has been the owner, there have been 11 new signings over the summer, and it is hoped that Nottingham Forest may reach the Premier League again.