Nottingham Forest Win the FA Cup in 1959

On the 2nd May 1959, the 1959 FA Cup Final took place, between Nottingham Forest and Luton Town. The match took place at Wembley. Prior to this match, Forest had lost heavily to other teams earlier in the League. Forest wore a red and white kit.

After 10 minutes Stewart Imlach crossed and Roy Dwight (the cousin of Reg Dwight, also known as the musician Elton John) scored a goal. Just 4 minutes later Tommy Wilson, scored another goal, meaning that Forest was up 2-0

The match had a tremendous amount of injuries throughout it, especially to Nottingham Forest players, the perceived explanation for this at the time, was because the Wembley turf was very lush. The most serious injury happened after Roy Dwight had a tackle with Brendan McNally around the 33-minute mark, and broke his leg, he was then carried off the pitch.

This injury seemed to change the game dynamics, because up until this point Forest had definitely been in the lead as the dominant team, and was already leading by two goals. But, after this, Luton seemed to take more control of the match, and they scored halfway through the second half with a goal from Dave Pacey.

Forest only had nine fit players, and with ten minutes left to go, Bill Whare developed cramp; he played wide on the wing but wasn’t able to do very much due to pain.

Because there were so many injuries in the second half, the referee decided to add four extra minutes to the game. Luton almost scored during this time, because Allan Brown headed the ball, which was a little bit wide of the goal, then Billy Bingham hit the side netting with it, but Chick Thomson’s great goalkeeping stopped any further Luton goals.

Due to the injuries sustained by Nottingham Forest, if Luton had equalized, they would have seriously struggled to win, or force a replay in extra time.

As the game was being played Forest fans sang the theme tune to the TV programme Robin Hood (an outlaw from Nottingham).

The match was won by Forest 2-1, with the goals from Roy Dwight and Tommy Wilson. Dave Pacey scored Luton’s one goal.

One amusing incident was that at the end of the game when the final whistle had been blown; Forest’s manager Billy Walker came onto Wembley’s pitch to congratulate his team for doing well and winning, and he was chased by a steward who tried to get him off the pitch. The steward had thought he was a football fan invading the pitch.

The game was shown on TV on the BBC Grandstand programme who had captions appear for the first time. Nottingham fans were irritated though to see their team’s name displayed as ‘Notts Forest.’ The Commentator Kenneth Wolstenholme did apologize for this and noted that it should actually read ‘Nott’m Forest’ – because ‘Notts’ would be an abbreviated form of Nottinghamshire, which just isn’t correct.