Nottingham Forest Win the FA cup in 1898

On the 16th April 1898, it was a momentous event, in that Nottingham Forest, the underdogs, won the FA Cup Final. The manager of Nottingham Forest at the time was Harry Hallam. The final was between Nottingham Forest and archrivals Derby County; it was held at Crystal Palace, and 62,017 fans were in attendance. Forest had a red and blue kit, and they went ahead early, because nineteen minutes in, Willie Wragg passed the ball to Arthur Capes (who had joined Nottingham Forest 2 years earlier) who managed to get the ball through the defense and score the first goal for Forest.

Derby scored an equalizer goal after 31 minutes by Steve Bloomer, with a header off the underside of the crossbar.

Around midway through the game at 42 minutes, was when it all changed. Charlie Richards tried to lob from a Mcinnes cross, but Jack Fryer was unable to hold this. The ball was dropped at the feet of Arthur Capes, who got it into the empty net, scoring his second goal.

Wragg had sustained an injury, so the line-up changed, and Capes went to midfield. In the 86th minute John Boag (football center-forward for Derby County) headed away a corner by Forest. John McPherson then stopped all hopes of a win for Derby, by managing to score another goal for Nottingham Forest, by shooting the ball low into the goal. This resulted in a 3-1 win for Forest.