About Evangelos Marinakis

Evangelos Marinakis is a Greek ship-owner, who owns Nottingham Forest Football Club, in England, and the Olympiacos Football Club in Greece. He is a member of the Piraeus City Council and also owns Alter Ego Media S. A, which runs Greek daily newspapers such as Ta Nea and To Vima. Evangelos Marinakis’ father was a ship-owner too; Evangelos really grew the small company he took over from his father into a significant shipping empire. Marinakis has owned Olympiacos since 2010, and took over Nottingham Forest as the majority shareholder in May 2017.

Marinakis has done so much philanthropic work, supporting culture, sport, and society. He funds a Greek museum dedicated to the author Nikos Kazantzakis. He has donated money to Genesios Theotokos, which has provided food and clothing to refugees in the Port of Piraeus. He has donated money to repair schools that were hit by earthquakes in Cephalonia. He has repurchased some of Greek national debt; helped with the Japan earthquake fund; helped victims of flooding in the town of Mandra, and helped to immunize children with UNICEF, amongst many other things.

Marinakis was wrongly accused of match-fixing, but was fully cleared and doesn’t have any criminal record at all. Any allegations made against him were totally unfounded.